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This blog is for me, as a very private person stepping far out of comfort zone. That’s what makes it so exciting.  My whole life has been about daring to be different, about challenging myself and testing my own boundaries. I know nothing about blogging and I have decided not to try to find out either but to do it completely my way.  I don’t know where this will take me and it’s not really important. I need to do it and what matters to me is the journey. I am humble and grateful for having you onboard. My promise to you is that I will be honest and true. 🌸

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  1. Anniken says:

    Kjære Snezana. Gratulerer med blogg, det blir fint å følge deg❤️klem!

    1. snezanap says:

      Kjære Anniken, takk! Del gjerne fabulousfifties.net med dine FB ig Insta venner. Klem Snezana🌸

    2. Predrag says:

      Čestitam školska, srećan početal💖

      1. snezanap says:

        Hvala Pedo ❤️

  2. Beba says:


    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala! Prati i deli link fabulousfifties.net sa svojim FB prijateljima. Ljubim🌸

  3. Fred says:

    Been looking forward to this since you’ve mentioned it (on my first day in Norway!!). Well done on starting.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thanks Freddie!

      1. Sajma says:

        Draga Snezana, zelim ti puno srece na novom izazovu i najvise vvolim kada cujem da se neko usudi biti svoj i usudi izacii iz svoje komforne zone ☺ Good luck! Veliki pozdrav


        1. snezanap says:

          Draga Sajma,
          Hvala ti na podrsci i lepim recima. Kad izadjemo iz svoje zone komfora najvise i ucimo o zivotu, sebi i drugima.
          Lep pozdrav 🌸

  4. Svetlana says:


    1. snezanap says:


  5. Gordana Odalovic says:

    Srecno zemljakinjo <3

    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala Gordana🌸

  6. Sajma Demic says:

    Predivno i bravo! Zelim ti svu srecu na ovom novom izazovu. Oduvek me inspirisu ljudi koji se usude izaci iz svoje komforne zone i budu svoji. Takve Bog uvek podrzi najvise i zato cu te rado pratiti 💜

    1. snezanap says:

      Jos jednom hvala draga Sajma. Bice mi drago ukoliko onim sto ovde budem podelila inspirisem promenu kod svojih pratiteljki i pratilaca.🌸

  7. Jelena says:


    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala. Podeli stranicu sa svojim prijateljima, prati i komentarisi moje postove🌸

  8. What a great idea! I look forward to reading your posts and following how the blog develops over time. Enjoy doing it!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Vera. 🌸

  9. steinar Bryn says:

    WOW. I missed that. I am now in my faboulus 60s. I wish I could have made those 50s fabolous too, but it was only hard work Why did you not start this blog earlier. What a waste of a whole decade. So good luck – make more of life faboulus!

    1. snezanap says:

      Enjoy your fabulous 60s! I hope you 50s were fabulous too, not only hard work.

      I wish I had started before but my 40s were fabulously hard work being a mom to my lovely boys.

      Fabulous 50s happened when I was ready for my fabulous 50, 60s, 70s, 80s…life.

      Join me🌸

  10. Gordan says:

    Nisu ni tako lose ove nase “pedesete”…kad se tako malo opustis! Cestitam!

    1. snezanap says:

      Naravno da nisu, divne su. Hvala Gordane!

  11. Gordana says:

    Bravo, Snezana!!
    Cestitam i sretno!!

    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala ti draga Gordana!🌸

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