Magical place

My magical place is located in a wild nature, with a long sandy beach and a crystal clear water in the very south of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. I have been spending summer holidays here all my life. This is where personal history has been written for years, where small memories have been knitted into a big tapestry of our shared life.

Living in a constantly changing world, that we call modern I’m so grateful to be able to keep coming back to a place that gives me a feel of consistency, like the time has been standing still. Where one can’t make more than a few steps before someone you know says “Come, let’s have a drink”. This short sentence impersonates so many things: friendship, generosity, respect, years of sharing, a story written together for many years, conversations that continue where they were paused last year.

The simplicity of this place is so calming and invites contemplation.

Tell me about your magical place🌸

👗 Outfit: Swimmingsuit by Karen Millen, my favourite British designer. Crochet by my hard-working mom. Sunglasses by YSL. Earings by Dyrberg Kern. Hairstyle by the beach.

Images by Vanja, my sister in Law.


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  1. Biljana says:

    Good Idea! Good Luck!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you!🌸

  2. Vesna says:

    Beautiful images from Montenegro, and you look fantastic!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you! 🌸

  3. Aida says:

    Postoje mjesta koja te vracaju sebi, i odjednom je sve jasnije, lakse i lijepse🙏
    Super blogg! Lykke til🌸

    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala draga Aida.
      Da, zar ne? Sto je moderan svet otudjeniji to su nam potrebnija mesta koja nam daju osecaj pripadnosti i vracaju nas sebi.🌸

  4. Tore Vogt says:

    beautiful pictures

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you!🌸

  5. Natasha says:

    Beautiful description and pictures!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you!🌸

  6. Olivera says:

    We need voices like yours to remind us about the importance of slowing down the speed.
    Contemplation and simplicity of living give us joy. It is so easy but we forget all too often. Thanks for reminding us!

    1. snezanap says:

      Dear Olivera,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The world we live in makes us running after success, money, achievement and in that process we forget that real life consists of small and simple things.🌸

  7. Dusica says:

    Very nice 🙂

  8. What a great idea to start a blog! I look forward to following your thoughts and discoveries along the way – it will be fun to see the blog evolve. Keep enjoying it!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thanks for following and commenting on my posts🌸

  9. That sounds like such an amazing magical place! Mine is at my family farm out in the woods. It has been in our family for several generations and hopefully even more to come. No place makes me feel more at peace.

    1. snezanap says:

      Your place sounds magical too. So fantastic to be able to pass on a family farm from generation to generation.🌸

  10. I think it’s a good idea to have this place that you go to that is somehow embedded in your own story. I don’t think I have one, but I like this idea. A place, so special it holds many of my best stories. I think I have a good place in mind.

    1. snezanap says:

      Exactly! And it keeps evolving and bringing new stories. I hope you will find your own magical place🌸

  11. Whitney Kutch says:

    This does truly sound like a magical place! I love when somewhere is tied so deeply to our roots that it always feels like home.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thanks! It has been tied to my family roots, and fantastic thing is that it creates roots to my boys now🌸

  12. Wow, I can see why you regularly return to Montenegro for your vacation; it looks stunning. I love your swimsuit too!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Lori. Pictures don´t do it justice. It looks more stunning live🌸

  13. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I don’t think I have a specific magical place but I’m always happiest surrounded by my family in a warm place.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Chi! Yes, family is a magical place🌸

  14. It does sound like a beautifully magical place. I’m a fan of beaches! great photos by the way!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you! Beaches are my favorite places to🌸

  15. Marjie Mare says:

    I have been to a lot of beautiful places and created magical memories, but my little home is my forever magical place.

    1. snezanap says:

      Home and family are magical places that we always have with us🌸

  16. Gordana says:

    Really beatiful!
    I know the feeling of a magical place. And I am very happy whenever I can come back to mine.
    Not that far from your beautiful beach…

    1. snezanap says:

      Magical places are alluring🌸

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