Dubai Encounters

Luka, Jovan and I spent last Christmas and New Year in Dubai and had some extraordinary encounters that I would like to share with you in a few of my next posts.

New Year’s eve

“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for ever… connections are made with the heart, not the tongue”- C. JoyBell C.

Dubai, New Year’s eve.

We leave the beach party to head downtown and watch fireworks there.

The stream of people seems endless as we are moving from Dubai Mall metro station looking for the best view of Burj Khalifa to watch the famous fireworks. All highways through Dubai downtown are now closed to give space to over a hundred thousand people excited to witness spectacular fireworks, which Dubai is famous for. The crowd slowly moves. I observe some tourists there, but most of the people around us are locals.

 Some of the western tourists approach us and say that we shouldn’t be there because it’s not safe. They are leaving.

I feel quite opposite, safe and somehow belonging to this place, with these people.

Excitement and joy of the crowd is contagious. Anticipation on the smiling, joyful faces.

New Year, new beginning, new opportunities, new hope…

 Let the dying year take with her all that doesn’t deserve remembering.

Let’s forget all the misery of this world and be happy in this moment.

People dancing…People sitting in the street…People standing…People waiting…People embracing each other…

As we move with the crowd, I see an empty spot on the road with good view of the magnificent Dubai icon and head for it. Wearing my glamorous, pink Ted Baker dress and high Karen Millen heels, I stick out and am not prepared for almost two hour long wait for fireworks spectacle. I need to sit.

Around the available spot three young women and a young man dressed in traditional Arab clothes are sitting. The young women’s eyes, the only part of their face not covered by niqab are following me curiously.

I nick and smile, they nick back gesturing us to sit with them. One of the young women offers me her seat pad to sit on with a smile in her eyes. I smile back…She helps me fold my dress so it doesn’t get dirty while I take a seat on her generously offered pad.

As we sit and look at each other, occasionally smiling the young man offers us sunflower seeds from the bag that they have been sharing. We accept with a smile.

After a while Jovan takes out a bottle of mango juice from his backpack and offers to them. One of the women accepts with a smile and nick.

The time drags slowly towards closure of the old and opening of the New year as our extraordinary group keeps sitting in silence, talking with smiling eyes and welcoming gestures.

The Arab women and I couldn’t be further apart culturally, by our age, religion, geography, the way we dress in public…but still- this shared instant has brought us together in a universal togetherness. Our foremothers’ voices echoing through eons.

So there are we 7 familiar strangers sitting across Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, on New Year´s eve, sharing the bag of sunflower seeds and bottle of mango juice, smiling at each other, silently bridging the cultural and historical gaps of our time.

Our two worlds have come closer if only for this short, shared moment of strange connectedness.

As the Old Year was spending its last moments our hearts met and connected shortly before they flew away like faraway stars into the Dubai night.🌸

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my post🌸

📸 Images by my son Jovan.

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  1. Dragana says:

    Samo nastavi Snezo. Citam sa zadovoljstvom.

    1. snezanap says:

      Hvala Dragana.

  2. Dear Snezana,we are happy and very privillaged to follow your trips around the world and read your interesting stories.In my opinion,we would not have better representative who.would describe every detail of some many various journeys and motivate us to visit the same places.We highly appreciate your efforts to bring closer these experiences to us and wish you many adventures and wonderful moments in your life journey..

    1. snezanap says:

      Dear Goran, thank you for your kind words. I hope my stories can bring some of the places closer to my readers.🌸

      1. Nataša says:

        It is about people on some places and in some moments. People that can recognize something more and people that can build bridges. It is optimistic and promising.

        1. snezanap says:

          Thank you Natasha. Exactly! I believe that an open mind is a good ground stone for building bridges.🌸

  3. Freddie Roux says:

    Stunning memory. Stunning piece of writing. Stunning moments!
    This is what cultural exchange is about. This is REAL traveling.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Freddie. Your words mean a lot coming from someone who really knows cultural exchange.🌸

  4. New Year’s Eve- great story! Believe that’s possible to live like this: respecting cultural diversity and support each other . Thank you for sharing this story with us!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Vesna. I certainly believe so. This story was my New Years resolution.🌸

  5. There are no boundaries for an open heart!!!
    “So there are we 7 familiar strangers sitting across Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, on New Year´s eve, sharing the bag of sunflower seeds and bottle of mango juice, smiling at each other, silently bridging the cultural and historical gaps of our time.” WONDERFUL!!! 💖

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Ivana.🌸

  6. Great story Snezana! Dying year taking with her whatever does not deserve remembering should be our life moto. Inhale only the best part and never let go. Let positive thinking take you to the highest top.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Ivana!
      That’s exactly my moto- think positive, breath life to the fullest, let go of what no longer serves and NEVER give up. 🌸

  7. Excelent, looking forward to reading about your next travel experience.

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you Zoran. Stay tuned.🌸

  8. Gordana says:

    Such a nice and warm story!

    1. snezanap says:

      Thank you!🌸

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