Who am I🌸

My name is Snežana.

I am a mom, a family, a friend. 

I am a lover of people, a cosmopolitan and a world traveller.

Immigrant and refugee.

I am a warrior.

I am my wrinkles and imperfections.

My restlessness and inner peace.

My strength and tenderness.

I am so much more… but always true to myself. 

And I love it!

My life philosophy🌸

My motto is to constantly meet life with optimism, positivity, enthusiasm, openness, honesty and trust.

I have experienced loss and betrayal, but have chosen to be a winner, led by gratitude and forgiveness.

Because you are what you believe.

My fashion motto🌸

Fashion has always been central and my preferred medium for creativity and self-expression. I got my first toy sewing machine when I was 7 years old  from my aunt and began designing clothes for my dolls. From the start, I have recycled and upcycled and gotten inspiration from the catwalks to the local flee markets. Fashion is one of my ways to love, cherish and  value myself.

Personal style doesn’t need to be expensive.

You can look classy without spending a fortune on your wardrobe.

Buy smart.

And last but not least🌸

Here I am in my fabulous fifties! Feeling that same mesmerizing energy that was my drive in my thirties- one of the best parts of my life. I was building an exciting career, meeting amazing people, being part of building some big things and leaving a positive trace to so many  people’s lives. 

Making a difference… 

After my foggy babies- toddlers-small children -mom -forties my fifties came as a revelation and they feel equally exciting as the peak of my thirties.

 I cherish my fifties, fabulous as they are.

By sharing with you my style, experiences, insights and encounters I hope we can  inspire each other to find our inner voices and happiness, to love ourselves and see how amazing life can be regardless of our age, health issues, bad finances, an ex from hell, friendships lost, bad day at work or any obstacles that life throws at us to challenge us  and make us more resilient.

Girl you are extraordinary! 

Your life isn’t over! It’s just starting!

Get your red lipstick and those  neglected high heeled shoes. Forget your aching feet for a moment and let’s discover together!

Snezana with love🌸